Plastic for Tubes, Straws, Rods and Profile

          Plastic in the farm of pipe, tube, rod and profile are main materials used in various kinds of work to replace steel, rubber or aluminium. We can choose some plastic decorative substance to suit a desired quality so that these plastic types can replace other materials with low-cost investment.

Pipes, Tubes, Rods, and Profile
Additives can be added to modify the properties of plastics as the customer needs. These types of plastics are materials used to replace steel, rubber, and aluminum. This can significantly lower the cost of production.
Pipes, Tubes, and Rods can be produced from any kinds of materials both soft and hard, translucent and dim, namely PVC, ABS, PMMA, PC, PA6, PA12, HIPS, PP, PE, artificial rubbers, etc. Because of more than 30 sets of molds, you can order these products with any size you want without any mold making expenses. In case there is no mold of the required products, we will be able to make one with a cheaper price. This is because we have high level of expertise in pipe and tube production. As for any other products that required pipe and tube as a component such as sanitary tube, translucent tube container, pressure resistance hose in a water pumping machine, brake line tube in the van, balloon handle, plastic tube, film-typed spindle to roll up merchandise, etc.

Profile is a plastic mold made by rolling. These products will have the same cross section throughout the product. The products’ length is unlimited and can be made both soft and hard, translucent and dim. This product can be used to replace aluminum for cheaper price. It can also be used for decorative purposes such as tile molding, staircase molding, window frame, furniture molding, soft plastic line for a bag handle, soft plastic bag hemming, etc. We also capable of producing multi-colored plastic work and soft/hard plastic in one piece made-to-order.

With our advice from the experts, you will receive proper solution with reasonable budget and quality that serve your demands.

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