LED Bulb Cover, LED Bulb

​          Is equipment used on a light bulb to protect the bulb from dust. These cover are easy to be clean, durable, beautiful and can be used in both interior and exterior building.

          Using our plastic extrusion machine, we can use many types of materials for production such as acrylic (PMMA) and PC (Polycarbonate). The cover is produced with special substance that can prevent the cover from turning yellow easily. It also makes the bulb cover more durable and more attractive.

Acrylic Light Bulb Cover   

Acrylic Light Bulb Cover is a spacial cover, shining with scratch and ultravioled resistance better than all kinds of plastic. 

PC Resistance Light Bulb Cover  

PC Resistance Light Bulb Cover is a cover with high heat resistance, fire-proof, translucent, shining, strong and durable. 

It's long experience in producing a light bulb cover has made us your business partner in design and form recommendation to suit is usage, reduce any problem that may happen later and also provide a professional counseling.

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