Tools for Plastic-Corrugated Boxes Assembling

          Corrugated boxes are widely used for transportation and other production such as vehicle parts, toys, and electrical appliances. We are capable of making these boxes in any size according to the needs.
With more than 10 years of experiences, we are able to make any corrugated boxes from normal white to black conductive boxes for electronic needs. We have all the high quality parts ready to assemble anytime.

Corner-A / Corner-B
Is the angle used in conjunction with the FRAME 5 mm. and 10 mm. corrugated sheet to be molded into a box with a hole position to drill at the standard angle Making it possible to assemble quickly and beautifully The crate can support the weight well. Both white and black.

Frame 5 mm. and 10 mm.
Corrugated crate edge, standard quality, beautiful shape Not easily broken Strengthen the crate Available in both PVC, PP and HIPS (white and black).

Bottom Corner
The bottom corner of the crate is used to hold the bottom corner of the crate. Makes spoon crates easy Good weight Increase durability and extend the life.

Name Pocket
Name Pocket use for the front of the crate to indicate the name Product type And the status of what is contained.

Frame 90° Angel
Used to strengthen the side of the crate Make the crate stronger and gain more weight The crate does not lose shape well.

Grip In-Out
High quality handle Good weight When the lock is assembled, it does not fall apart. Prevent damage from moving the corrugated crate.

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