Electric Appliances, Motor Vehicles and Acrylic Products

        Electric Appliances, Motor Vehicles and Acrylic Products are a plastic work imported from abrood for a long time. Interprofile's expertise in plastic production has enabled it to produce all plastic work to replace imported plastic with lower costs of investment. The company can produce various tools and parts that are assembled with electric appliances and motor vehicles.

Tools And Electric Appliances Parts are, for example :
-Plastic used for bar bottles, egg tray, and molding for sieve used in a refrigerator
-Plastic base with an adjustable stand for freezer
-Air conditioning propeller
-Seal and O-ring with high and low temperature resistance.

Tools and Motor Vehicles Parts are
- Oil-proof pipes used in a motorcycle
- A plastic side step and a set of assembly parts used with vehicles, both small and big sized sedans and vans
- Plastic string used for vehicle seat manufacturing, both from plastic extrusion with 1 and 2 types of plastics.

Acrylic Products
Are highly translucent, scratch and ultraviolet-proof resistance and comes in various sizes and shape. Can be used in several kinds of work

With exoertise in all kinds of plastic engineering production and its processes, Inter Profile can create quality pieces of work for a number of clients in those groups and also to improve a product's standard. This is one of our prides to be capable of producing quality products for all Thai people.
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